The Mothers’ Springboard Time Bank (MSTB) is a support system between local mothers used primarily for personal development and career progression.


This support system will consist of a network of mothers, with skills they can exchange on a platform where time will be the principal currency. An hour of time is equivalent to another, irrespective of the skill exchanged. Time will be logged online and physical monthly meetings will allow members to network.


MSTB will prepare mothers for the world of work by overcoming barriers that they face, whilst allowing them to create connections and enhance their existing skills.




Changes to the law in 2017 primarily affected lone parents and mothers are expected to return to work sooner than might suit their young families.


There is currently no free or subsidised childcare provision in England for under 2-year-olds, therefore a lack of affordable childcare is a major barrier to returning to work.


There is a rise in ‘mum entrepreneurs’ thus the need for services such as ad-hoc babysitting, cleaning, administration, research and development, web design, etc is also on the rise, time bank provides this solution. Exchanging and volunteering skills is proven to improve confidence, self-esteem, mental health and employability.

All members will be DBS checked and exchanges must be made at the responsibility of each member.


The accessible time bank will consist of:


  • Monthly community ‘workshop style’ meetings with creche facilities

  • An online platform to facilitate the creation of profiles, skills search, skills exchange and recording exchanges


Outcomes include:

  • Increased confidence to pursue a career that is appropriate to each individual's skills

  • Reduced barriers to returning to work/career

  • Better connected/stronger social links between mothers and children

Just think of the myriad of skills that can be exchanged in order to help you achieve your goals.


We will be running a pilot this Summer so sign up your interest and be a part of this exciting new initiative. 


We welcome partnerships and collaborations.