Our Mission

Benefits of MSP are increased confidence and wellbeing, stronger relationships and the reigniting of your fire. And obviously, a start on your dream career! 


Mothers' being the most resourceful people in the world we don't believe in giving them fish, we teach them how to fish for themselves instead!


Our course will support you in pursuing the best version of yourself whatever career path you choose, at MSP we believe in creating a living but also striving to create a fulfilling life!


Our Founder

I am Shabina Ahmed. A young mother of 3 children making my way out of challenging life circumstances and feeling empowered and inspired to help other mothers to do the same. I created this programme when expecting my 3rd child and needed a project to get my teeth into and help save my sanity.


It is my mission to support others from all walks of life to discover their passion and tremendous potential to pursue the life and career of their dreams.


Mothers should find fulfilment and satisfaction from all areas of their lives and practice being true to themselves and being real about what they desire is where we start our journey!


The Mothers' Springboard programme (MSP) is a holistic personal development and career preparation programme which consists of 6 workshops, classroom style with creche facilities and four life coaching sessions with a qualified coach from the comfort of your own home. 


We will support with creating a CV that can explain time away from work whilst raising a family and a lean business plan to get all your ideas on paper. 


The workshops engage a range of expert speakers covering topics such as self-care, organisation & time management, healthy relationships, managing finances and choosing a career path. 


The coaching is a private space for you to discuss anything you like with a qualified life coach who can help you to create a plan of action that can be implemented straight away and get you on the road to making your dream lifestyle a reality.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees include experienced professionals such as teachers, social workers, entrepreneurs, life coaches and a psychotherapist.

Our Funders

National Lottery Funded