The Mothers’ Springboard Programme (MSP) is an early intervention work-readiness programme, supporting local mothers into work, education, volunteering, self-employment or training.


MSP prepares mothers for the world of work by addressing the barriers they face and creating connections between mums through and beyond the programme.

Mothers on the programme report new, lasting friendships through MSP thereby creating a greater sense of community and less isolation. Mums also access peer support when the programme ends so relations are sustained. We recruit mums to our holistic programme when they are wanting to work but face barriers and provide expert interventions on issues that matter to them e.g. confidence, education and getting back into work. By providing access to a coach and post-session support their chances of success and independence increases.

Previous learners are invited back to future programmes to share stories, work for the organisation as facilitators or creche staff. 10 have done this. An essential creche service will support mothers with childcare to fully access the workshops.


Outcomes include

  • Increased confidence to return to work/career

  • Reduced barriers to returning to work/career

  • Better professional connections

  • Stronger, social and friendship links between mums and their children